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Tips for Storing produce and food

Chocolate Plum Jam

It is 108 degrees outside right now. You know that feeling when you get into a hot car that’s been sitting in the sun? I feel like that, except there is no engine to start, no windows to roll down, and no air conditioning to turn on. I am just finding my zen place instead….

Quince Slices in White Wine Syrup

Last month, I came to grips with the fact that I really just don’t like quince.  I think they taste like eating roses, and not in a good way.  The problem is that I still have two bushels of quince sitting in the pantry looking a little worse for wear and I really hate wasting…

Citrus Marmalade

I adore pomelos. I think the scent of a ripe pomelo is absolutely intoxicating. Truthfully, they’re in the kind of the same category as glitter and sparkly things for me, meaning that if I walk past them at a market, I get distracted like a little kid, forget what I was doing, and wander over…

Allium Blossom Vinegar

Allium Blossom Vinegar JULY 6, 2012 ~ CAROLINE Over the last couple weeks, we’ve been harvesting all of our alliums from the garden.  One of my beds of red onions had started shooting up flower stalks before I got to it, and after seeing the Twitter

Elderflower Sun Cordial For Elderflower Cocktails

I am an elderflower fiend. If I’m at a fancy bar that has signature cocktails and there’s anything with elderflower liqueur, I’m instantly sold. Usually on more than one of them, since St. Germain is delicious even on pancakes. The unfortunate part is that I usually can only find these lovely drinks at really fancy places, which…

Red Danjou Pear Cardamom Jam

This is one of my absolute favorite jam flavors.  Top five, for sure.  If you want to think about something other than citrus for a minute, make this! It absolutely explodes with the flavor of ripe, sweet, juicy pears. Pear-Cardamom Jam Recipe Makes about 5 1/2 half-pint jars Ingredients: 1. Bring the boiling-water canner to…

How to preserve Hot peppers

How To Preserve A Whole Season Of Hot Peppers With Virtually No Work

Discovering the Joy of Pepper Preservation: A Personal Journey Preserving hot peppers has always been a passion of mine, and I’ve discovered a wonderfully simple way to do it. In this article, I’m excited to share with you my method that captures the full season’s bounty with hardly any effort. Whether you’re new to preserving…