What You Need to Know About Ameraucana Chickens Care

  • By: Linda Simpson
  • Date: July 15, 2022
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The Ameraucana chicken breed is a great choice for anyone who wants to keep backyard chickens for their eggs, as pets, or as an addition to their garden.

These chickens have feathers that are bright orange and purple. In fact, the name Ameraucana comes from the combination of American and Araucana.

They’re one of the rarest breeds of chickens, which makes them a special addition to any home flock. Read on to learn more about these birds!

What’s so special about Ameraucana chickens?

Ameraucana chickens are a unique breed of chickens with beautiful coloring and interesting history. They have a wide variety of colors including orange, red, blue, black, and green. Their feathers are a combination of feathers from wild and domestic breeds, which makes them a rare breed.

They’re a good choice for backyard hens because they’re friendly, easy to care for, and great at providing fresh eggs.

Ameraucanas are wonderful foragers. They have an instinctual desire to forage for food and will eat bugs, leaves, and other types of vegetation. This can help control garden pests naturally, making them ideal for gardening households.

The hens are also great at producing large amounts of eggs. They lay up to six eggs per week during their peak laying season.

How to Care for Ameraucana Chickens

Ameraucana chickens need a few things to stay happy and healthy, but they’re easy to care for. The first thing you’ll need is a coop. Ameraucanas are a good choice for backyard chickens because they’re friendly and easy to maintain.

An Ameraucana chicken coop can be built in a weekend. Look for plans that are easy to follow and that follow the Ameraucana’s natural nesting instincts. You can keep your chickens in a coop, but they’ll need a large fenced-in area to roam around in as well.

The ideal space is about 1/3 open and 2/3 covered. Cover is important because you need to protect your chickens from predators.

Where do Ameraucana Chickens Come From?

Ameraucana chickens are a heritage breed that dates back to the 1950s. That’s when a man named Robert Bradshaw was experimenting with different breeds of chickens, hoping to find a combination that would produce colorful eggs. He came up with a breed that was about 75% Dominique and 25% Araucana.

The Ameraucana chicken breed was born. The name Americanuacana comes from the combination of American and Araucana. It’s a fitting name for such a unique and rare breed of chickens.

The Wonderful World of Colors in an Ameraucana Chicken

One of the most interesting things about Ameraucana chickens is their colorful feathers. Most chickens have white feathers, but a true Ameraucana will have bright orange and dark purple feathers.

The orange color comes from a genetic mutation. The purple color is a result of crossbreeding with Araucana chickens, a wild South American breed. The colors aren’t the only thing that makes Ameraucana chickens unique.

They’re one of the largest breeds of chickens. They’re also great egg layers. An Ameraucana hen will lay four to six eggs per week at her peak.

Advantages of Keeping Ameraucana Chickens

There are many benefits of keeping Ameraucana chickens. The most obvious one is fresh eggs. Ameraucana hens will lay large, nutritious eggs that are perfect for baking and cooking.

You can even sell your excess eggs to earn a little extra cash. Beyond the fresh eggs, Ameraucana chickens also have a few less obvious benefits.

They’re great foragers, which means they will eat and destroy insects that are harmful to your garden.

They’re also very friendly, so they make great pets. You can let your children play with them and even take them on walks.

Disadvantages of Ameraucana Chickens

Like any breed of chickens, there are a few disadvantages to keep in mind when thinking about Ameraucana chickens. First, the chickens aren’t great at laying eggs in the winter months. They can’t generate enough body heat to produce at peak levels.

The second disadvantage of Ameraucanas is that they aren’t good at staying out of trouble. They have a tendency to wander and get into trouble. You’ll have to keep a close eye on your chickens to make sure they’re safe.

Summing up

Ameraucana chickens are great for almost any backyard setting. They’re friendly, easy to care for, and produce fresh eggs. If you’re looking to add rare chickens to your home, the Ameraucana is a great choice. With the right care, these birds are excellent pets and provide plenty of fresh eggs.

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