Wild Boar Osso Bucco

A friend of mine gave me a wild boar shoulder the other day….. wild boarand even though I don’t have a new recipe to share for it, since it was such a beautiful cut of meat, young and tender, I just have to mention it here. Jason and I talked about all kinds of different possible preparations, but I ended up making osso bucco with it, since I love osso bucco and basically make it with any nice piece of meat that has bones in it.

Usually, osso bucco is made with cross-cut shanks, often from veal, but I almost never have the kind of money in my wallet that I would need to buy that kind of meat. Instead, I’ve made it with lamb, goat, wild duck, chicken, venison and now, wild boar.  All that really matters is that there are bones in the meat.  It’s standard to start by dredging the meat in flour then browning it in a large dutch oven. I always add lots of mirepoix after that, some canned tomatoes and a whole bottle of white wine (my favorite part of this isn’t actually the meat, tender as it is, but actually the vegetables and the wine sauce. It’s so good.) Then: cook it all day, low and slow.

I’ve been eating the leftovers all week, and they’re wonderful.   My advice: If you have a friend that offers you wild boar, don’t scoff at it like some people might, take it home and cook it!

Here’s my original recipe for osso bucco.boar osso bucco

2 thoughts on “Wild Boar Osso Bucco

  1. Im looking for a old recepie where you put cabbabe in green bell peppers and add vinger and idont know what else and put in a crock and put a plate on it to hold it down i need the recepe of the ingreting that you mix together tp pour overit

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