Cook it! 2012 November Resolution

My schedule’s been a little crazy these last few weeks.  In case you’ve been paying attention, we kind of missed a month for the cook it! 2012 resolutions because  I stopped all my other projects and made the journey back to New Jersey for my grandma’s memorial service.  It felt good to stop everything I was doing and go be with my family.  I love them very much and am so so grateful to have these wonderful people in my life, and it made me think a lot about figuring out how to balance a career and a lifestyle that I really enjoy here at the farm with the freedom to do things like see my relatives more often. I haven’t figured out the answer yet. If you’ve figured it out, feel free to tell me.

I also saw fall for the first time in ten years, which was really nice. California is great and all, but the poison oak leaves changing color absolutely does not count as fall foliage. I was lucky, too, because the day after I left, Hurricane Sandy hit.  I can’t believe that my trip still was able to go on as planned and that I was able to get out of New Jersey just in time.  It’s kind of surreal to think that when I left, everything looked completely normal, like Normal Rockwell came in and threw up everywhere; the neighborhood was totally swarming with happy little kids setting out pumpkins and raking fall leaves.  It seems impossible that the pictures of devastation on the news are the same places where I just visited.  My thoughts are with all the people who still don’t have power and have so much to rebuild.

Now that I’m home, I want to catch up on some of the things I usually talk about with the cook it! projects.  First things first is to point you to the projects that Aimee and Julianne did last month when we were focusing on dehydrating fruit.

Julianne, from the Adventures of the Kitchen Ninja,  made these dehydrated watermelon slices that sound like candy and I’m definitely bookmarking for next summer.

Aimee from Homemade Trade made raisins, which I think is brilliant considering how prolific grapes are here in California and how many recipes call for raisins.
Over the past months, I’ve done pears, apples, peaches and tomatoes, and I’m totally sold on this method of food preservation.  I keep a jar of dried fruit out on the counter and find myself grabbing a few slices of apple throughout the day without thinking, which is great, since I can’t really think of many things that make a healthier snack.

This month’s project is going to be a little different than the ones we’ve done in the past, mostly because I haven’t done it yet.  (I’m going to put up my post at the same time as everyone else since I’m still behind on everything.)  I’m leaving the topic really open this month because there are so many different skill levels and I also don’t want people to have to purchase special equipment to cook along with us.

so. The plan is:  MEAT

The rules are:

1. Make a project that is somehow centered around meat.

2. It has to be awesome.

3. It has to be something you’ve never made before.

4. It doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive.

Things that might fit the bill would be a new charcuterie project like making bacon or sausage, learning how to make a fancy roast (ehem…. Thanksgiving), or maybe figuring how to make that chicken curry recipe that you always get from the takeout spot.   It’s up to you.


To be included in the round-up post, send me an e-mail with the link to your blog post by December 1.  My e-mail is


One thought on “Cook it! 2012 November Resolution

  1. Thanks for the mini round-up. I will get my meat post up next week — it totally rocked!!! And I’m so glad you got to experience a wee bit of fall, even if the circumstances were unfortunate.

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