Fruit In Jars: Highlights from the July Cook it! 2012 Resolution

I’m so excited about these recipes from Julianne and Aimee, the rockstars who are still working hard on the Cook it! 2012 Resolutions with me, even during the busy summer months.

The July project was to preserve whole fruit in syrup.

Adventures of the Kitchen Ninja: Cherries in Wine: Julianne made these beautiful cherries canned in spiced red wine, which I am certain she’ll have no problem using up during the winter months.  Can you imagine the chocolate desserts you could make with these? They sound so good that even though I already pitted and canned about a trillion cherries this summer, I kind of want to go get some more…

Cherries in Wine, from Adventures of the Kitchen Ninja

Homemade Trade: Plums In Syrup with Rosemary: Aimee got her hands on some of these gorgeous plums and canned them whole, scented rosemary.

plums, from Homemade Trade

The plums on my trees here at the farm aren’t quite ripe yet, but I think next week I’ll be able to make this recipe.  I feel like once the temperature drops, I could definitely see some kind of roast venison or pork with a sauce made of the drippings, these rosemary canned plums, and a splash of cream.

(After weeks on end of 90-100 degree temperatures, I’ll admit that I’m fantasizing about cooler nights, shorter days, pumpkins and roasts.)

Beautiful recipes, as usual!


Reminder: the August project is to make pickles. If you’ve got a great recipe you want to share, e-mail me the link to your blog post by September 20 and I’ll include it in the round-up.  My e-mail is


3 thoughts on “Fruit In Jars: Highlights from the July Cook it! 2012 Resolution

  1. Thanks, Caroline! And I cannot wait to make Aimee’s plums (rosemary — genius!) — especially since she turned me on to small-batch canning (I bought that 4th burner pot, Aimee!).

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