Some of the fruit trees are starting to bloom.  February seems like a weird time for a peach tree to bloom, but I suppose our fruit trees are just free spirits and want to live dangerously.  (I doubt they were using much advance planning and thinking about all the frost and rain we’ll still get).  The other day, when it was 75 degrees and sunny, I’m pretty sure they had a carpe diem moment and decided just to go for it, frost be damned. 


4 thoughts on “Blossoms

  1. Oh, my. Everything is so off this year. We’ve had daffodils blooming in Kentucky since the first of February, which is unheard of. But your peach trees are beautiful nonetheless!

  2. We are having early blooms here too..I am seeing forsythias getting ready…a full month early, and crocus has been blooming for over a week, maybe two, now….well in advance of normal bloom time. I don’t know what your spring weather is like in Northern CA but here when we have early fruit blossoms it could mean less fruit later on, because inevitably….if there is at least a brief cold snap, it is enough to kill the blossoms….not to mention not very many pollinating insects are around now….it means less fruits…hopefully it is different for you guys…

    Beautiful pictures…

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