Dang That’s Festive

I didn’t realize that making homemade snow globes out of mason jars and glitter was a thing until just a few weeks ago, when I starting see it all over the internet.  Do you think that parents everywhere know about this craft project, but choose not to do it with their children because of the copious amounts of glitter involved?

Or was it just my parents?

I remember my parents telling me, as a five-year old child, “DO NOT WIPE UP GLITTER WITH A WET SPONGE.  IT WILL JUST STICK RIGHT IN THE TABLE.” I’m pretty sure I did it anyway, so that then I had to use my fingernails to pick every single piece of sparkle off of the wooden kitchen table.  Now that I’m a grown woman and can use glitter whenever I feel like it, I had to make this awesome craft project.

Homemade Snow Globes

time: 20 minutes


  • old mason jars with good, tight fitting lids
  • glitter: I used this great retro-flake glitter made by Martha Stewart
  • assorted figurines, plastic pine trees, small ornaments, etc. (go raid the craft store, it will be awesome)
  • super glue

Make sure the lids are clean and dry.  Use super glue to attach whatever festive stuff you have lying around to the underside of the lid.  Obviously, whatever you glue should be able to get wet and not get ruined, so it will probably be made of plastic.  Once you have your items glued on, give them plenty of time to dry (I waited five minutes).

Put some glitter in the bottom of a mason jar.  You don’t need a lot- I thought I’d make a snowstorm and dumped in a ton of glitter on my first try, but it just looked stupid.  Go easy on the glitter.  Fill the jar mostly full of water.  Brush the lid lightly with some super glue around the red part that usually creates the seal.  Screw on the lid. (Do this part over the sink, or somewhere you don’t mind potentially spilling a bit of glitter-water).

Let the jars sit for a minute so the glue can dry.  Then you can turn them over and do the snow globe thing.

A word of caution: My mother did instill a fear of glitter in me.  I’m keeping a close eye on these to watch for dripping/seepage, because I intensely don’t want to clean up several quarts of glitter water off my cookbook shelf.

2 thoughts on “Dang That’s Festive

  1. I was not allowed glitter, nor kool aid, jello or Hi C. I longed to live with my bff across the street as she got all the good stuff and the cool mom too. I love being an adult and doing whatever I want in my own home. I’m pretty sure my kids like me, too. (Most of the time.)

  2. I must have also been deprived of glitter as a child because I use and wear it on everything now. If it’s shiny, I have to have it.
    I like the snowglobes. Must do these as a project with the neighbor kids.

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