Somehow I have reached a place in my life that the town I left eight years ago no longer seems so terrible.  A lot of this might be based on how pathetic the bagels are in California, and how good they are here.

The Vegetarian Bagel from Ithaca Bakery: sliced tomato, veggie cream cheese and melted muenster cheese on a spicy italian bagel

Melted cheese on top of more cheese is a brilliant idea. And the bagels…. they have the perfect texture, and the flavors they have available are totally unique and delicious.  I sat at a front table of the bakery, ate breakfast, and gazed out the front window at the blooming daffodils and forsythia while I woke up this morning.  It was lovely and I will probably do it again tomorrow.

Ithaca Bakery has several locations; I went to 203 N. Aurora St., Ithaca NY 14850. You should too.

2 thoughts on “Breakfast

  1. the step you forgot is stopping at the Gimme Coffee on State Street after that for the most delicious lattes ever.

  2. This look delicious! I have never had muenster cheese but I will be picking some up as soon as possible!

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