I Took The Day Off Today

Usually I get up before at dawn on Saturdays to go sell veggies, eggs, flowers and jam at the Ukiah Farmers Market, but this week I had to be in San Francisco.  While I felt bad about missing a day of work, it meant I could have a quiet morning, sleeping late and going to the big Allemany Farmers Market in San Francisco as a customer instead of a vendor.  Certain places  in my life that I consistently go back to always seem good and right.   This market is always bustling full of smiling people- a huge range of age groups and ethnicities- with little toddlers in strollers munching on strawberries to old grandmas doing their weekly shopping.  For me, it is the embodiment of vibrant, positive, urban culture, and if I ever move away from California, I will certainly miss coming here.

Plus, the pupusas from Estrellita’s are ridiculously good…  If you’ve never had pupusas before… oh man…   They’re these Salvadorian handmade tortillas, made with masa de maiz and stuffed with all kinds of fillings like cheese, pork, and refried beans.  These pupusas are handmade to order, and fried on a griddle until the outside is lightly browned and crispy and the inside is a gooey mess of melted cheese and meat.  Top it with a slightly spicy, crunchy cabbage slaw and some hot sauce, grab a passion fruit aqua fresca, and you’re good to go.



I returned home with a bag of medjool dates, king trumpet mushrooms, a buddha’s hand for making candied citron, artichokes, baby parsnips, a pound of tiny calamondins, fresh goat cheese ravioli, bright green giant avocados, and two pounds of the tiniest manila clams I’ve ever seen.  I think I’ll steam the clams in some white wine for dinner, and maybe roast the artichokes.

Days off are really wonderful.

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