This morning, when I went to collect the eggs from the chicken coop, I found that a small fox had broken in and killed four chickens.  The really strange thing is that the fox was also lying in the coop, dead, right next to a hen with her head bitten off. I’m completely baffled, but also unsure as to what to do with this little dead creature that I have on the back table now.  I have a book with instructions for tanning fox pelts, which might be a nice way to save part of this animal instead of just leaving it for the vultures, but it also reminds me of the dogs, and I’m hesitant to take a knife to it and start peeling off its skin.  Maybe a burial in the backyard with the four dead chickens is more in order.



2 thoughts on “Strange

    1. boy, we have so many predators… I’ve seen multiple bears, multiple huge mountain lions (I came face to face with two in the woods! it was like being at the zoo and looking at the lions, but without the thick pane of glass in between us), bobcats, rattlesnakes… plus lots of black widows and brown recluses.

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