A Postcard from Manhattan

I just got home from visiting my sister in Manhattan. I’ve been meaning to for years, but somehow between chickens and gardening and three dogs I haven’t been able to break away until now. It was such a fantastic trip, I definitely won’t be waiting another four years to come back!  We went on a 48 hour whirlwind culinary tour of the city…  There was no advance planning, so places that needed reservations were out. I also hate spending money, so this was not the weekend for an expensive hundred course meal at some french place.

Here are some highlights of our journey, in no particular order at all.  In fact, let’s just fast forward to the middle of the night, where we find two slightly drunk sisters in an Italian pastry shop staring at this:

and these:

and these too:

Veniero’s, you are my favorite bakery in the history of the universe! Their sviogliatelle are totally delicious. (If you’ve never tried one of these, you must! These seashell-shaped pastries are usually filled with a citrus-flavored ricotta cream and wrapped in layers upon layers of paper thin, slightly crispy pastry dough.)

Other highlights were oysters and clams on the half shell at  The Mermaid Inn, $1 each during happy hour; brunch at Sara Beth’s Kitchen, with mimosas and savory potato waffles;  fondue and champagne punch at The Bourgeois Pig; and freshly made garlic bagels from  H&H Bagels with buttery Nova Lox from  Zabar’s.  I wish I had more pictures, but I dropped my $500 camera lens on the ground and shattered it, and have to wait for my insurance claim to go through to get a new one, which is really weak.  What a fantastic trip though, I can’t wait to go back!

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